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high-level-truck dumper-جک تخلیه تریلی

A Truck Dumper is a kind of material unloading equipment that one of the fastest, most efficient ways to discharge huge quantities of free-flowing bulk materials such as wheat and the other kind of free-flowing cereals, beans and materials.

Our Truck Dumpers can reduce unload cycle times and alleviate traffic congestion in almost all operations. Drivers quickly learn how to guide their trailers onto the platform where raised tire guides keep them positioned as the cab reverses.

The average times between trucks are usually less than 10 minutes including backing on, lifting and lowering the load, closing the back doors, and then driving off the platform.

Asiakar Co. designs and manufactures Truck Dumpers to meet the needs of many industries, such as Steel Smelter Project / Cement industries / Nonferrous metal industries / Aluminum Smelter Project / Chemical Industries / Oil and Refining Industries / Minerals Processing / Food industries / Wheat, Cereal and other grain silo/ Warehouse and silo Aeration Cycle Systems/grain silo and Warehouse equipment / Animal Feed Plants

About Our Truck Dumpers

Our Truck Dumpers can be perfectly paired with state-of-the-art receiving hoppers, enhancing their unloading capabilities. A standard length platform, suitable for most applications, is approximately 18m long and capable of lifting a cab and trailer with a combined gross vehicle weight of 60 Tonnage.

However, we have supplied tipping platforms for trucks with gross vehicle weights as high as 80 tonnages.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom-built equipment that can immediately improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your order as your special material compared to the other Truck Dumpers brands.

The platform is designed to rise to a maximum angle of 37 degrees, causing the material to flow freely into the receiving hopper. The full lift and lower cycle are completed in approximately 5 to 7 minutes.

Asiakar Co. Truck Dumpers are custom designed for your application. Bulk material density, characteristics, Min. and Max. capacity, overall length and width and all the other detail components, devices, and standard parts are considered when designing Truck Dumper E. Motor Power (Kw).

All the equipment components and assembly of them (except the standard components and parts) are manufactured in our factory shop, with advanced, updated and high technology machines, equipment and devices by highly skilled craftsmen and they are manufactured with rigid quality standards.

Truck Dumpers deliveries backed-up by reliable service support

All our Truck Dumpers systems benefit from customer-oriented engineering that delivers maximum reliability, even in extremely rough environments. When truck dump spare parts or services are required, Asiakar Co. offers worldwide service support to ensure the maximum operational availability of your machine.

Advantages Provided by Asiakar Co.

The team of the Asiakar Co. engineers in cooperation with their counterparts of the host company, estimate the exact need of the site plant and determine the required capacity after a specialized visit from the relevant site plant.

The team gathered environmental dimensional information on the existing equipment and facilities and tested the multiple material samples that are going to be unloaded while onsite.

They determine accurate bulk densities and flow characteristics based on all gathered information.

By considering all the observations and measurements, the team will recommend a new design as a solution that would not only handle current requirements but also provide additional life.

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