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Belt Bucket Elevator/Chain Bucket Elevator/Central Chain Bucket Elevator

A Bucket Elevator is a kind of material handling equipment and One of the most efficient ways to elevate bulk materials vertically. A Bucket Elevator consists of a series of buckets attached to a belt or chain with pulleys or sprockets located at the top (Head Section) and bottom (Boot Section) of the unit.
The buckets are located in a casing or housing to contain the material. Bulk materials are loaded into each bucket as the bucket moves past an inlet point.
Asiakar Co. designs and manufactures a wide variety of bucket elevators (Belt Bucket Elevator/Chian Bucket Elevator/Central Chain Bucket Elevator) based on the characteristics of the bulk material and the process requirements.
Asiakar Co. designs and manufactures Bucket Elevators to meet the needs of many industries, such as:
Steel Smelter Project
Cement industries
Nonferrous metal industries
Aluminum Smelter Project
Chemical Industries
Oil and Refining Industries
Minerals Processing
Food industries
Wheat, Cereal and other grain silo
grain silo and Warehouse equipment
Animal Feed Plants.
We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom-built equipment that can immediately improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your order as your special material compared to other brands.
Asiakar Co. Bucket Elevators are custom designed for your application. Bulk material density, characteristics, Min. and Max. capacity, overall height and width and all the other detail components, devices, and standard parts are considered when designing Bucket Elevators Geared Motor Power (Kw) and linear Speed (m/s).
All the equipment components and assembly of them (except the standard components and parts) are manufactured in our factory shop, with advanced, updated and high technology machines, equipment and devices by highly skilled craftsmen and they are manufactured with rigid quality standards.

Advantages Provided by Asiakar Co.

The team of the Asiakar Co. engineers in cooperation with their counterparts of the host company, estimate the exact need of the site plant and determine the required capacity after a specialized visit from the relevant site plant.
The team gathered environmental dimensional information on the existing equipment and facilities and tested the multiple material samples that are going to be conveyed while onsite.
They determine accurate bulk densities and flow characteristics based on all gathered information. By considering all the observations and measurements, the team will recommend a new design as a solution that would not only handle current requirements but also provide additional life.
Our engineers are available to assist you in every way possible to determine the best feeder design. Since the Bucket Elevator selected is based on a maximum volume control of material to be handled, surge loads, overloads and choke feeding, must be accounted for in the Bucket Elevators design.  


Surface coating specifications
Epoxy paint contains Zinc Rich , Sa 2½
Ability to install PLC system
Power transmission method
Direct coupling
Gear motor chassis
Ability to carry materials
Powdery material
Landing conditions
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